Panagiotis Christodoulou


He was born in 21 June 1967, in Thessaloniki (Hellas) with origin from Delphi and Konstantinoupolis. Raised in the western parts of town, he finished his high school according to the modern greek education. As soon as he understood the callings of his artistic spirit, he started and continued dealing with a variety of painting projects. Although he achieved a good career in Orthodox Iconography for more than thirty years, he finally reached to an important conclusion: every new day is the first day of a big discovering trip among personal or world’s life’s mysteries. This gives him the joy of consistent creative point of view for any aspect.




Dimitrios Christodoulou

Δημήτρης Χριστοδούλου

H was born in Livadia, on 21 August 1971, by Athanasios Christodoulou and Chrisi Kagia. He finished high-school in Ampelokipoi of Thessaloniki and right after his military service he worked as a musician.A co-creator in the Agiographic House Christodoulou, he did not stop dedicating his self without a pause to its improvement and extension, since 1990.With the favor of God, he is a happy husband and father of five children, sharing his daily life among the Agiographic House and the family life. His aim is to reach perfection in the spiritual but also in the practical space, something that can be made with a constant exercise and persistence