The Hagiographic House Christodoulou is a professional space of pictorial creation, which is composed by working, spiritual, educational and philosophical categories.

We are involved in orders of every kind and size, related to the orthodox worship, while the main area of our activity is the iconography of icons, churches and other spaces connected to worship.

Having traverse decades of steadily rising course in the domain, we now enumerate many successful cooperations in our activities. We have earned the respect of our clients as well of our colleagues, with the constant trying and the personal care.

Thus, we can guarantee certainty and success to the completion of your visions.

 The works made by hands are usually imperfect. So, with this thought and with the sweet cardiac certainty that God helps this imperfection to be sometimes inspired, we go on to the commentary of icons, sacred temples and generally of spaces where the tradition has defined that the themes of Gospel are being developed there.

Depending upon painting and the divine talent of the previous great artists, we copy and collocate mimetically our artwork, trying to continue –by creating prototypes when it is needed- the greek art. We believe that we can offer a nugget to the mosaic of the doxology to the God only by shadowing forever the foregoing total of art –and of course simultaneously with the spiritual development.